3 Tips To Restore Original Engines In Old Classics With Fewer Problems


If you are restoring an old classic car, it may be difficult to find vintage American car parts for it, or you may just want to keep it all original with matching serial numbers. The engine of your car is something that can be sensitive, and just starting it may cause serious problems. Your goal is to preserve the original engine and other parts, so you will want to do some maintenance and repairs to avoid problems. Here are some tips to help prevent problems with old engines in classic cars:

1. Changing the Oil and Top-End Engine Repairs and Maintenance

With any car, it is important to do regular oil changes, and more so in a classic that has an older engine. Changing the oil helps reduce common wear inside the engine. When you are doing a classic car restoration, changing the oil should be the first thing that you do before starting an engine. In addition, you may want to do top-end engine maintenance, like having the heads reworked by a machine shop and replacing the seals on the valve covers. This is also a good time to check some of the issues that there may be with valves and tuning them for better engine performance.

2. Replacing Engine Seals and Repairing Leaks That Cause Damage

Over years of driving, the seals that keep the engine from losing fluids often wear and begin to leak. Some of these leaks may be minor oil leaks that only cause you to need to add oil occasionally, but they can be more serious. If the leak is inside the block of the engine, it can cause water and oil to mix, which can cause performance problems with corrosion and serious damage to components like pistons, camshafts and valves. It is a good idea to replace all the seals when doing a restoration to ensure they do not wear and cause damage due to leaks that often go unnoticed.

3. Improvements and Upgrades to Monitor Engine Performance and Prevent Damage

There are also upgrades that can help prevent damage to your car, such as installing systems to monitor things like oil pressure and temperatures more accurately. In addition, there are also tuning improvements that can be done to your car if you choose to do custom upgrades with things like fuel injection conversion kits. These improvements will help you monitor performance and identify problems before they lead to serious damage to your engine.

These are some tips to help preserve the old engine in your classic car restoration. If you need help with repairs and improvements, contact an auto repair service for help with some of these improvements. 


1 May 2018

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