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Did You Just Start Your Own Landscaping Company? What To Know About Protecting Your Materials, Trucks And Other Drivers

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Are you the new owner of a landscaping company and you are tired of losing materials or causing damages because items keep falling out of your trucks? Are the trucks getting damaged or becoming hard to clean because the materials get wet during transport? There are some ways to prevent these problems, and to improve your dump trucks at the same time. Here are a few of the things you’ll want to consider for your vehicles, to help you save money and avoid problems throughout the year. Rolling Tarps A rolling tarp to cover the bed of the truck while transporting stone, mulch, sod, or any other material is going to be ideal. The tarp will prevent any items from falling out and damaging other vehicles or property, and you won’t be paying for the cost of lost materials. The tarp will also stop the items in the truck from getting wet if the weather calls for rain, or if the materials have to sit in the truck overnight and would be exposed to dew. Tarps can also help hide machinery, tools and other valuable items your staff is transporting. Contact a business that offers sliding tarp systems for more information.  Truck Bed Liners A plastic truck bed liner to protect the interior of your truck bed helps preserve the investment you made when you purchased the truck. It also makes it easier for your staff to dump and unload the items at destinations. All of the debris is going to slide off the liners easily, and the liners can be swept and washed after each use. You don’t worry about materials getting stuck in the grooves, debris won’t scratch the truck bed, and you aren’t going to get rust stains and other damages if the materials in the back of the truck get wet. There are pre made liners, and liners that are sprayed into the truck as a mold. When you remove the liners to sell the trucks or have them detailed, you’ll see the bed of the truck still looks new. Your dump trucks are going to take a beating when you are loading them with heavy materials and driving them around all day, but these different accessories are going to improve your business. You won’t get a bill in the mail because a stone flew out and cracked someone’s windshield while your truck was on the road since you have a tarp, and you won’t have to worry about the side of your truck bed corroding because water was stagnate against the metal because it’s protected by a liner....

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Choosing A Truck Bed To Further Your Business

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The standard pickup bed is versatile, but it does have its limitations. As a landscaper or groundskeeper, you may have a hard time getting loose material in and out of a pickup bed. As an electrical contractor, you will face the need to keep electrical supplies and tools organized so that you can easily access them when the need arises. As a welder, you need to keep equipment and supplies ready at hand. The standard pickup bed is ill-suited to meet these needs. You can expand your business by replacing your standard bed with a manufactured bed.  Dumping Beds Unloading loose materials such as mulch or shingles can be difficult. You can use shovels and rakes to unload mulch by hand, but you will save man hours and improve efficiency by installing a dump bed. Similarly, shingles are prone to creating an interlocking web which leaves you no choice but to disentangle each shingle by hand. A dump bed allows you to slide the whole mess of shingles out in a few seconds. Spending the money to install a dump bed can pay you back in the long run.  Utility Beds When you contact a manufacturer of truck beds, you will likely find many models to choose from. Manufacturers will have experience working with contractors from different lines of work and will use this experience to design beds with features that contain compartments and features that will help you to keep organized and keep your equipment out of the elements. On the other hand, you may have peculiar needs. Many manufacturers will allow you to collaborate to design a bed that meets your needs.  Panel Trucks Even with a utility bed, you might still need an enclosed workspace to keep you safe from the elements. A panel truck will give you the best of both worlds. Enclosed within the walls of the truck you will find drawers and compartments, which are accessible from the outside of the truck. In between these walls, you will find an inclosed workspace, which will help to keep you and your equipment sheltered from wind, dust, precipitation, etc.  Preparing a truck to create a mobile workspace allows you to expand your business. The right truck is like a rolling workshop that will allow you to take on jobs that would otherwise be out of your reach. Rather than being a frivolous expense, the right work bed can be an integral component of growing your business. For a truck bed manufacturer, contact a company such as Hillsboro...

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Reasons Why You Should Have Frequent Transmission Servicing On Your Truck

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One of the main reasons why you probably purchased a truck over a car in the first place was to be able to haul and tow items. When it comes to loading up equipment or bringing home new furniture, your truck is reliable and always there for you. One thing that you may not consider every time you are hauling something heavy behind you is your truck’s transmission. Heavy towing and stop-and-go traffic from your job can wreak havoc on the transmission system over time. While you should always have yearly servicing of your transmission, if your truck works a little harder than it should, you may want to consider more frequent servicing.  Hauling A Trailer Of Any Size The occasional hauling of a travel trailer or flat bed filled with materials may not be too hard on your truck’s transmission. If you haul a lot of weight every week or several times a month, you may want to get the transmission serviced every three to six months to ensure everything is working properly. Some common problems related to frequent towing include: Failed needle roller bearings Worn out clutch Dirty, aged transmission fluid Worn out gear synchronizers Taking your truck to an auto repair shop that specializes in transmission repair will help ensure that your truck is at top towing performance at all times. Traveling Through Mountainous Terrain If you live in a mountainous area or you travel daily to work through hilly or mountainous terrain, it can make your truck’s transmission work harder than it has to. A semi-annual trip to the transmission repair shop will help keep your truck’s fluids in check and make sure that your gears are not becoming worn out prematurely. When You Odometer Indicates High Mileage If your truck has been faithful to you for many years, now is the time to make sure it’s lubed up and all of its parts are functioning precisely. If you notice any type of shifting delay, grinding noise or screeching sound coming from underneath the vehicle, bring it into an engine repair or transmission repair shop right away. This could prevent a complete transmission fail and save you a lot of money on expensive vehicle repairs in the future. If You Do A Lot Of Stop And Go If your job requires you to stop a lot and switch from neutral to drive frequently, this can be damaging to your entire suspension and transmission system. Also if you go through a lot of downtown city traffic, your transmission will also feel the pain. If you’re noticing that your gear shifter jerks into place or is difficult to move, it’s time to see a professional mechanic. This will help detect any underlying issues that may be occurring with the transmission components. Keeping your truck at tip top shape is likely your main priority. Early diagnostic testing and routine maintenance is the best way to keep major problems at bay. To learn more, visit a transmission repair shop like American Transmission...

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Tips For Getting The Most From Your Truck Cap

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A truck cap can be an excellent way of protecting the items you have in your truck bed from the elements. However, there are many truck owners that may not have much experience with these devices, and this can cause them to be unsure of what is needed to care for these items. If you have recently had a truck cap installed, you may benefit from using these two tips to help keep it safe from some common forms of damage and wear. Check The Clamps Your truck cap is secured in place using a series of clamps that hold it to your truck’s bed. Unfortunately, it is possible for the vibrations from driving to cause these clamps to loosen. When this happens, the cap may be at a risk of flying off of the truck, and this can cause extensive damage to both your vehicle and any nearby cars.  Ideally, you should check these clamps on a weekly basis to ensure that they are in good condition and securely in place. In addition to checking the tightness of the clamps, you should also look for signs of corrosion. If these devices become corroded, they may be at a higher risk of suffering a failure. When a clamp is corroded, you should replace it as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your truck cap is not compromised.  Apply Wax To The Finish In addition to ensuring the cap is held firmly in place, it is also necessary to protect the finish of the cap. If you fail to properly maintain this part of it, you may find that your truck’s appearance sufferers, and it may require expensive repairs to correct. Luckily, protecting the finish of your truck cap is similar to the rest of your car, and this should make it easy to do this when you are washing your truck.  After removing all of the dirt and debris from the exterior of the cap, you will need to apply automotive wax to the exterior of the cap. This wax forms a protective barrier against minor scratches and other cosmetic damages to the paint. Furthermore, it is possible to purchase automotive wax and finishes that can repeal much of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, which can help keep the paint from fading.  Getting the most from your new truck cap requires following some basic maintenance steps to protect it from routine damages. Regularly checking the clamps to ensure they are secure and protecting the finish of the truck cap can help ensure this accessory last for as long as possible. For professional truck caps, contact a company such as J & C...

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Preparing Your Car For Winter: Road Salt And Rust

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When you’re preparing your car for another winter, one thing you shouldn’t overlook is the damage that salted roads can do to your car. As you drive over roads that have been salted, your wheels will spray this salt up onto the undercarriage of your car. And while salt is effective at speeding up the melting of ice on roads, it is also effective at speeding up the rusting of metal. If you know that you’re going to be driving over road salt this winter, then you need to prepare in advance as well as keep up with maintenance once winter starts. Preparation: Waxing And Sealing It might surprise you to know that waxing your car can actually help prevent rust. This is because the paint on your car acts as a barrier, protecting the metal underneath; you might have noticed that cars are prone to rust in areas of bare metal or where the paint has worn away. What waxing your car does is protect that layer of paint. By applying wax and sealant to your car, you not only keep it looking nice – you keep the paint in good condition, which keeps the metal below protected. And if you don’t have the time to wax your car yourself, many car washes will also wax and seal. One important thing to know about waxing your car is that you should avoid washing a waxed car with dish soap. This will remove the protective layer of wax; instead, use soap designed for washing a car. Preparation: Rust Inhibitor Not every part of your car is coated with paint, however. The underside of your car won’t benefit from waxing and sealing; what you need for this area is a rust inhibitor spray. There are two main types of rust inhibitors, and each one works best in certain situations. The first type is called drying inhibitor or bitumen-based inhibitor. They are called drying inhibitors because, after application, they will dry into a protective coating. However, this means that it’s crucial that you cover any areas of bare metal completely because the coating will not fill in gaps that you miss. Bitumen-based inhibitors are more frequently used on the body of a car, where it’s easy to see what you’re doing. For harder-to-reach areas, many people choose petroleum-based inhibitors. Unlike drying inhibitors, these rust inhibitors do not dry completely; the protective later that they form will spread to fill in small gaps. In addition, the layer can self-heal from small amounts of damage, which is good for the undercarriage of a car. If bits of gravel or rock scrape away part of a coat of petroleum inhibitor, the surrounding areas can spread to fill in these gaps as...

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