The 3 Most Practical Car Stereo Accessories for Any Vehicle


Whether you drive your car every day or are more of an occasional owner, the first thing that everyone does when they turn on their car is to choose the music or radio station of their choice. Cars are one of the main reasons why the radio industry can still survive, and now more and more people are listening to their own music and podcasts as well. If you want the ultimate car audio experience without fidgeting with the controls all the time, here are three car stereo accessories you simply need.

1. Bluetooth Capability

If you have an older car but still enjoy driving it and don't see a need to update, then you don't have to. Bluetooth is perhaps the only modern audio connectivity technique you are missing out on, and it can be installed as a third party extra on your car. Bluetooth will allow any phone to easily connect to your speakers and therefore let you choose from your own music, put on a podcast of your choice, or even set up the GPS so that you hear instructions over the internal speakers. Bluetooth connectors are not too expensive, and they can radically change how you use your car.

2. Central Phone Stand

There is nothing more dangerous than trying to look at your phone to change songs or input a new address while driving on busy highways. In fact, this is also illegal, which is why a central phone stand is so vital to your cars set up. Many of these are specifically built to stick to your dashboard or some of the vents in the front of your car. Whichever option you choose, it makes driving a lot safer and easier, and it is an absolute must-have in any modern-day car if you want to be safe but still connected.

3. Voice Recognition

While you shouldn't use your hands to operate your phone and therefore the music or other audio input while you drive, you can use your voice. Voice recognition is becoming standard on most modern new cars, but for those who have older models, it is simple to install. Many auto stores based around car stereo accessories carry voice recognition devices that can be installed into your vehicle. It might take a little bit of reconfiguration but, within a few hours, you will be all set to go and command your car's audio to change the song or look up a new address. 


3 November 2020

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