Things To Consider When Adding License Plates Frames To Your Car Or Truck


Personalizing your car or truck with some accessories that mean something to you personally can be fun, and there are a lot of products available to do that. Adding license plate frames with the logo of your favorite vehicle manufacturer or some other message on them is an excellent place to start. Still, there are some things to consider when installing your new license plate frame.

Quality Frames

There are many different license plate frames available with messages on them, and choosing one that delivers your message can be fun. When you are looking at the frames from your vehicle, you will need to decide whether you want to pay for a metal license plate frame or if one of the many plastic license plate frames on the market will work for you. 

For some people, the metal frame with the chrome coating on it is more in keeping with the style of the car, but might be more costly than just a simple plastic frame that has the manufacturer's logo on it and a short message. You can compare the quality of the license plate frames and determine which one you want to put on your car at the retailer when you are shopping for them.

Design Of The Frame

When you find the license plate frames you want for your car or truck, take a look at the design of the frame and compare it to your license plates to ensure it will fit and not cover anything on the plate. The stickers that show the month and year of your registration should be on the top or bottom edge of the plates, and the frame needs to be shaped appropriately not to cover the decals. 

In some states, obscuring the decals even a little is enough reason for police to stop you and ask you to remove the frame. The decals have dates and numbers on them that officers use to check the registration, and if they can not see them, the license plate frame is not legal. 

Matching Frames

If you find some Ford license plate frames that you like, you could put one on the front and one on the rear of your car. The frames are interchangeable and mount to the screws that secure the license plates to the vehicle, so you do not need to do anything more than remove the screws, position the frame, and put the screws back in. 

If you are using a chrome frame, you may want to buy some stainless steel screws to secure it or put some covers on the screws, both of which are available from most auto accessory stores. The covers can hide the screws completely, and the stainless screws won't rust, so they add a nice touch.

Check out an auto accessories shop to find frames for your car, including Ford license plate frames.


5 May 2021

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