Reasons Why You Should Have Frequent Transmission Servicing On Your Truck


One of the main reasons why you probably purchased a truck over a car in the first place was to be able to haul and tow items. When it comes to loading up equipment or bringing home new furniture, your truck is reliable and always there for you. One thing that you may not consider every time you are hauling something heavy behind you is your truck's transmission. Heavy towing and stop-and-go traffic from your job can wreak havoc on the transmission system over time. While you should always have yearly servicing of your transmission, if your truck works a little harder than it should, you may want to consider more frequent servicing. 

Hauling A Trailer Of Any Size

The occasional hauling of a travel trailer or flat bed filled with materials may not be too hard on your truck's transmission. If you haul a lot of weight every week or several times a month, you may want to get the transmission serviced every three to six months to ensure everything is working properly. Some common problems related to frequent towing include:

  • Failed needle roller bearings
  • Worn out clutch
  • Dirty, aged transmission fluid
  • Worn out gear synchronizers

Taking your truck to an auto repair shop that specializes in transmission repair will help ensure that your truck is at top towing performance at all times.

Traveling Through Mountainous Terrain

If you live in a mountainous area or you travel daily to work through hilly or mountainous terrain, it can make your truck's transmission work harder than it has to. A semi-annual trip to the transmission repair shop will help keep your truck's fluids in check and make sure that your gears are not becoming worn out prematurely.

When You Odometer Indicates High Mileage

If your truck has been faithful to you for many years, now is the time to make sure it's lubed up and all of its parts are functioning precisely. If you notice any type of shifting delay, grinding noise or screeching sound coming from underneath the vehicle, bring it into an engine repair or transmission repair shop right away. This could prevent a complete transmission fail and save you a lot of money on expensive vehicle repairs in the future.

If You Do A Lot Of Stop And Go

If your job requires you to stop a lot and switch from neutral to drive frequently, this can be damaging to your entire suspension and transmission system. Also if you go through a lot of downtown city traffic, your transmission will also feel the pain. If you're noticing that your gear shifter jerks into place or is difficult to move, it's time to see a professional mechanic. This will help detect any underlying issues that may be occurring with the transmission components.

Keeping your truck at tip top shape is likely your main priority. Early diagnostic testing and routine maintenance is the best way to keep major problems at bay.

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28 September 2015

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