Did You Just Start Your Own Landscaping Company? What To Know About Protecting Your Materials, Trucks And Other Drivers


Are you the new owner of a landscaping company and you are tired of losing materials or causing damages because items keep falling out of your trucks? Are the trucks getting damaged or becoming hard to clean because the materials get wet during transport? There are some ways to prevent these problems, and to improve your dump trucks at the same time. Here are a few of the things you'll want to consider for your vehicles, to help you save money and avoid problems throughout the year.

Rolling Tarps

A rolling tarp to cover the bed of the truck while transporting stone, mulch, sod, or any other material is going to be ideal. The tarp will prevent any items from falling out and damaging other vehicles or property, and you won't be paying for the cost of lost materials. The tarp will also stop the items in the truck from getting wet if the weather calls for rain, or if the materials have to sit in the truck overnight and would be exposed to dew. Tarps can also help hide machinery, tools and other valuable items your staff is transporting. Contact a business that offers sliding tarp systems for more information. 

Truck Bed Liners

A plastic truck bed liner to protect the interior of your truck bed helps preserve the investment you made when you purchased the truck. It also makes it easier for your staff to dump and unload the items at destinations. All of the debris is going to slide off the liners easily, and the liners can be swept and washed after each use. You don't worry about materials getting stuck in the grooves, debris won't scratch the truck bed, and you aren't going to get rust stains and other damages if the materials in the back of the truck get wet.

There are pre made liners, and liners that are sprayed into the truck as a mold. When you remove the liners to sell the trucks or have them detailed, you'll see the bed of the truck still looks new.

Your dump trucks are going to take a beating when you are loading them with heavy materials and driving them around all day, but these different accessories are going to improve your business. You won't get a bill in the mail because a stone flew out and cracked someone's windshield while your truck was on the road since you have a tarp, and you won't have to worry about the side of your truck bed corroding because water was stagnate against the metal because it's protected by a liner.   


25 April 2016

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