Building A Balanced Car Audio System For Your Car


Having a truly great car audio system involves more than just a bunch of speakers and a cool looking radio. To get the best sound you need to balance the components and make them all work correctly together. The idea is not to make it just the loudest system out there, but to have a system that sounds really great as well. Shop for components that will work together and create one cohesive system, rather than a bunch of parts strung together.

Finding the Right Stereo or Head Unit

The stereo, or the head unit as it is sometimes called, is the heart of your car audio system. When you start building your system, decide what you need it to do. If you want an amp, a large number of speakers, or a lot of power, now is the time to plan for it. Some head units will have special features like Bluetooth connectivity so you can use your phone through it while driving or controls for multidisc cd changers. While you could change it later, it is better to plan what you want in your system and do it once.

Choosing the Right Speakers

Choosing the right speakers is really critical when you are planning your system. If you buy speakers that are underrated or not able to handle the power output of your head unit, they could be damaged if the volume is set to high. The rule of thumb here is to buy a speaker that has a higher power rating than the head can put out. It might cost a little extra, but not damaging the speakers and having to replace them is better than saving a couple dollars then replacing the cheaper ones later.

Deciding to Amplify or Not to Amplify

If you are considering adding an amplifier to your car audio system, you will need to take that into account when you choose those speakers. This is another component that can really push the power of your system up, but if the speakers can not handle it, you could be right back to those damaged speakers. One option here is to only drive some speakers with the amp like a large subwoofer or dedicated speakers in one part of the car.

Building Some Booming Bass

The last big piece to plan is your bass speakers. A subwoofer box is great but be sure you have the power to push the big speakers. This is where the amp will help. Adding it to the bass channels is a great way to create a deep thumping bass in your new system. If you planned it all correctly, you will have a system that is balanced and sounds great at the same time. Take the time to put all the pieces together carefully and your new system will last for many years to come.  


28 November 2016

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