Alternative Uses For Spray On Truck Bed Liner


Spray-on truck bed liner systems are offered by many retailers around the country, such as places like Leer Truck Accessory Center, and can be installed by a professional or the material purchased and installed at home. While the intention of the product is to coat and protect the cargo area of a pickup truck bed, there are many other uses that have been discovered for it over the year. Take a look at the things that spray on bed liner material has been adapted to. Maybe there is a suggestion here that will fit your needs.

Offroad Vehicle Floors

Open top SUVs and custom off-road vehicles are becoming more and more popular and protecting the inside from mud, water, and other contaminants are important. Some off-road enthusiasts have gone so far as to remove the interior trim and carpeting from their SUV and spray the floors and panels with a thick layer of spray on bed liner. The material seals the floors and if the vehicle gets filled with mud, dirt, or water, it can be easily rinsed out with a hose and allowed to dry with damage to the vehicle.

Protecting Body Panels

While this sounds strange, there are off-roader that have used spray on bed liner to coat rocker panels and fenders on the outside of their trucks and SUVs to protect the body from scratched and damage on the trail. Since modern bed liner is available in colors and can even be color matched to many paint colors. The bed liner blends into the body very well and offers a tough layer of protection between the body and trees, rocks, and other obstacles that might otherwise damage the paint and expose metal to the elements.

Coating Custom Bumpers

Another common use for spray on bed liner in the offroad community is for coating custom steel offroad bumpers. The material forms a durable seal over the steel bumper and keeps it from rusting. The spray on bed liner is pretty flexible so even when the bumper gets a small ding or dent in it, the liner stays on and intact. If you have the bumpers sprayed before you install them, be sure to mask off any mounting holes or opens that need to remain clear. Allow the material to cure for several days before you try and install the bumpers on the vehicle. If the bed liner gets scratched deeply or damaged, repairing is is often just a matter of having more liner sprayed over it to fill in the damaged area.


17 July 2017

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